Monday, 28 April 2014

A quirk in the Vault Plot command

The Vault Plot command both intrigues and baffles me, often at the same time! The intrigue is that it works so well in running off general user defined plots as well as batch plotting. The baffle comes from the workflow needed to plot (or print) all of the part/assembly documentation files (IDW or DWG) based on the selection of an IAM file as the source. 1 method works but feels clumsy and the other method doesn't work and feels more logical.

Monday, 21 April 2014

Customise your Vault view.

I've noticed the highlighted area on the above picture for many Vault releases and never really took the time to investigate it. But today I did and I'm glad for it. It's a method of filtering files based on a few settings, a bit like using Find but easier. For those like me (OCD) it's a simple method of filtering a folder full of data to just the data-set you want. In the below picture I have filtered a large folder on just the files that are Sheetmetal files, but not by the file type. I had to use a property based filter to limit the results to just what I wanted. 

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Brendan's Inventor Blog v2.0

Anybody remember these?

It's a bugger when you have to do this sort of thing. My website host had very limited 'blog' capabilities as part of their CMS so this forced my hand. So too all who have followed my ramblings over the last 16 odd months, welcome to Brendan's Inventor Blog v2.0.

The upside is I get a lot of new functions and options using this Blogger service and I'm really looking forward to that. The downside (and it's a biggy) is that my website host can't (or won't) export my previous blog posts so that I could at least try to include them in this new Blogger space (bogus).

So as of this post I haven't got any Inventor or Vault bonuses, boguses, tips or workarounds to discuss. But don't despair. They are both big programs and I'm sure I'll find something to post about :-)

As a final note for this post, on the right hand side of this page and at the end of this post there are links to share and subscribe to this blog v2.0 by email and RSS feed. I hope you all do that because I enjoy adding my thoughts and tactics to the world of CAD and I also like hearing your feedback and comments. I'm still figuring out the new blog layout and the apps and widgets to include so the observant may see a few changes over the coming posts. Cheers :)