Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Taming the sketch point selections when adding a hole.

In the above picture I have used only 1 sketch for the locations of the slots and the hole. I created the Cut feature for the slot first and then shared the sketch so that I could add a Hole feature.

I hit a snag when I started the Hole feature in that both of the Sketch points were chosen and I couldn't un-select the point in the middle of the slot. I tried Shift and click and Ctrl and click, nothing worked.

The solution was to exit the Hole feature, select the 1 Sketch point first and then start the Hole feature again. This limited the Centres to only the 1 I had chosen and I was able to complete the Hole feature.

Below is a quick video of the process, and me stuffing the Hole direction up which I promptly fixed. No comments needed on that, we are all human (just some more human than others).

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